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Online businesses use the activity of selling products or services. Understanding the market in general is the process of interaction of traders, manufacturers & consumers, Determine product type choices, aiming at the target market according to the opportunity, choice of language according to the target market, Google search engine assistance for search, Logic and empirical to succeed together.

Business on the internet, in general, the main task is to sell goods or services that will be marketed. Online business is in principle a marketing communication activity using Internet media.The source of the product that will be marketed can be a product of its own or a product belonging to others by submitting to the owner. As a basis for this business is sine qua non products offered. Here we try to find the business money that we are most good at, as a result it is easier to give using tips and tricks from spisification of the type of product that we have planned. Is it still having difficulties? As a model, if we master the type of exclusive brand HP product, & we need to master the technical spisification according to that product and use online or offline business we submit to the product owner. This approval is crucially related to the amount of fees we will get from sales output. Similarly, the same way for other products that we have found. The importance of submit is to receive a code for us if later someone buys the item shah according to the results of marketing we do.

In general, in business on the internet is a medium with the process of interaction between traders, producers and consumers using their respective roles. We can know that:

As a manufacturer plays a role in producing superior goods that are needed by consumers using sufficient quanta and good quality,

– As a role in making a choice of products in the market using quanta and quality that suits their individual needs, and

As a merchant plays a role in being able to show products and services to consumers using well.

By understanding the position we have where, then on the internet we need to put ourselves using well.

Determine the type of product, as an important part that must be understood. Here the role of consumers is very grand, they are the king who determines will pay for the products or facts that we have offered. Determining the choice of the type of product can be in a way: find a problem, and then offer a product to solve that problem.  It is understandable that in this business, consumers can enjoy this facility very easily. For example: We sell electronic products, HP, digital cameras, watches, audio products, snack products according to home industry, sports equipment, industrial home support machines and many more such as the rise of beauty products and body slimming drugs or Javanese herbal medicine and so on. So what will happen is in sync with the dream of consumer choice and we are able to see this opportunity is very awesome, and the fact that the progress of business on the internet is getting bigger.

Targeting the target market, synchronous using the opportunity, that reality presents a great opportunity & should be able to start marketing promotion with the price policy of traders in business on the internet. How to take advantage of that opportunity? The means we need for business on the internet is an option, starting from the target area. Here if we write articles using English, then the opportunity for the Indonesian market as increasingly narrow. The target that is meant here is to whom our products that we have chosen we will offer. We already know in the territory of Indonesia about online marketing, and it is an opportunity. Business on the internet can be started according to simple things, using the target market in indonesia, by using Indonesian & sell products that already exist in Indonesia. We have analyzed poly such as Gather bloggers, Adsense Indonesia and many more that can help start a business on the internet.

The choice of synchronous language of the target market, to do business on the internet using the appropriate language, is a priority on search. Can understand that once we know the target of the marketing area to go, is direct interaction with the user’s language. Megapa like that? Because we need a blog that attracts traffic from Surfers looking for something, it needs a unique blog that allows you to make a lot of money, and you need a lot of traffic to collect revenue according to the smallest. In this classification, to make it easier for google search engine on the internet, then the thing that becomes the order is the language we use. If our market is in indonesia, then using Bahasa Indonesia becomes the target visitor based on Indonesia as a result as a primary condition. How do I express? In this case we do the choice of key terms using indonesian language. For example, consumers look for products of certain books, then for key terms used for example: the book of physics for SLTA, the book of physics, the book of SLTA, ekamatra lessons, SLTA physics lessons. And so on we can share it in other products. The basic principle according to keywords in business on the internet is how ordinary consumers search for their needs on the internet using fast, & this can be learned when we need something on the internet.

Google search engine help is putting the best search results in the form of a site or blog. Here what we can find is how to show the most useful and relevant products using the search key terms. Then the business we offer can be adjusted using our ability to read consumers as a key term. SoGoogle on the internet will automatically direct search results using placing sites or blogs with Indonesian if the keywords used in Indonesian search.There are many contradictions of opinion on this issue, but the simple thing is to start using the basics of marketing that is easy to use. In business on the Internet, we can also use Google Webmaster to tell Google the target area of the country we specify. A common way to use in targeting the geographical targets of a particular country with Google Webmaster using google webmaster tool, fill in the url of the blog targeted, click the settings on site configuration, select the country indonesia wants targeted and click save (save). This help we can get when we are entering our email & password to open the blog and in that place there is poly choice about google products available & can be used using quickly.

Logic and reality for success, not infrequently we encounter the business industry on the internet, that if we have to learn to know everything, it will require when it is very outdated and also not necessarily able to. Therefore, we need to use reason & reality together. As a model, in Indonesia, there are how many millions of web and web blogs are circulating every day. It’s possible to show the same product to be common. This is the uniqueness of doing business on the internet with a market that is crowded with consumers, merchants and product owners. Therefore, if with reason alone, it will be difficult to predict it can succeed if it is not valid to really master in this field of the internet well. Are we giving up? The number of competitors as an interesting challenge to learn and with the reality that exists, we can find and find the most relevant key terms with the way consumers search for products on the Internet.Doing online businessmemang need poly wangsit to find keywords and interesting words to put prospects in the products we offer. Things that are not infrequently used to choose beautiful keywords is to use the toolSEO &we see the results. With the support of title tags, description tags, meta keyword tags, heading text, URL links, text links, alt images and comments, we can already start the first step of introducing our web blog to learn business. Responding to the speed of the development of the online business industry, then what we can do is how we start working while learning to determine the choices we can make on the internet using success.

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