SELF-STUDY UNIT MAN IN SPACE AND TIME a.      Name of Eye Learning: History b.      Semester: 1 c. Time Allocation: 6 x45 min d. Basic Competencies: 3.1 Analyze human life in space &

Islam and Human Life 22/06/2016 two.5k 6 min read Islam is a belief that exists in everyday human life. Islam is present because it wants to regulate mankind whose lives

“We have formed man in the best form possible.” At-Tiin: 4) Before man is sent into the world of Allah Swt, then people are in the Spirit Realm, as Allah

Mid-Pleistocene – NowHomo sapiens Adult male (left) and female (right) by Akha tribe, Northern ThailandDataHow to movebipedalism Pregnancy time280 days Source of Mother’s milk water, Human skin & Head hair