31 Online Business Opportunities You Can Start Right Now with Small Capital

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While still sitting in school and college, I know using poly friends who want to be entrepreneurs after completing education.

But now, finally become an office employee.

… Of the poly people who aspire to become entrepreneurs, why only a few end up having a business.

Even from the general news I did a few months later, there were 81% of employees who had once aspired as entrepreneurs.

After further research, there are three primary reasons:

First, do not understand what business opportunities are more profitable and more stable / guaranteed than office work.

Second, there is no capital or only has mini capital.

This is what happens most often. They suspect all the businesses need a large capital, finally they set to work first while collecting capital.

From there, there comes one more reason.

Third, I’ve been working and having a family.

Their burden is getting heavier because they have to take care of the family. If the job is abandoned, the risk is great. Worse still, because they are busy working then they are unable to start a business.

For those of you who experience the 3 problems above, this article is the solution.

The following are 30 business opportunities that can be done online, without taking time, and able to start with small capital.

And most importantly, the potential is huge. Which business idea is best?

Before we start, because below there are more than 30 business inspirations, then you may feel lazy to scroll to the end.

Because of that, these are some of the ones I recommend.Selling online: if you already have an idea of what products you want to sellCreating a blog: if you like to write or don’t know what business to do

Please click on one of them to read more.

Or please scroll down to read all the business opportunities available one by one. Sell products online on your own website

Many people do this, because the process is easy and the income generated is not playful.

Many people are now selling 100% online.

By selling online, the process can be done from anywhere as long as there is internet. Therefore, this example of effort is also beautiful for those of you who have other activities.

But generally people who are gaptek are already afraid first.

But it’s not hard at all.

If you read this article at 9 am, in the afternoon at 3 o’clock your online store is ready to be used to sell. Serious.

You can use the following platforms:Shopify – from $14 per month, easier & full featuresWeb Practicals – starts according to Rp 680 thousand per yearJarvis Store – free for 20 products!BBM – there have been many online stores that are able to sell only using this chat applicationInstagram – because it is an image-based social media, can be used to sell online as wellWordPress + WooCommerce – about $40 per year for domain &hosting

Use Jarvis Store or Web Practicals if you don’t want to be complicated. Both speak Indonesian, so if anyone can ask directly to the customer service.

… Where do you receive products for sale?

If you have your own product, it’s not a problem. But how to use those of you who don’t have, and don’t have a plan to create a product?

Follow these steps:Decide what product you want to sell.Find the primary supplier of the product, orInvite people who have been selling but not yet online as partners, orDropship (discussed below)

Selling products is the easiest way to earn money.

The hardest step is to determine the product to be sold, the completion of the product is determined then then there will be no more cases.

Please read this online sales guide to learn more:

two. Even easier, selling on the online market

Okay.. Okay.. Although creating a website is easy, it is permanent to learn.

Especially if you’re still a beginner.

“I want to exclusively sell! Right now!”

Here’s the solution: Selling on marketplaces (aka online marketplaces).

If you have understood what you want to sell and want to personally sell in the next 5 mins. This is the best solution for you.

Especially because the marketplace is crowded, so you can immediately get buyers.

There is more, selling on the marketplace is free.

You sell on someone else’s website, so there are poly limitations. In addition, you become unable to build your own brand because it depends on the marketplace website earlier.

The middle ground… When just starting a business, take advantage of the marketplace to get buyers & income. After a while, create your own website & invite prospective buyers on the marketplace to visit your own website.

Here’s a great marketplace that you can take advantage of:TokopediaBukalapakKaskus FJBOLXeBay (international)3. Sell without risk by becoming a dropshipper

Dropshipping means we sell without having stock.

When someone orders a product based on you, you submit the order to a third party (supplier). They are the ones who send the goods directly to the buyer.

You don’t need to keep the stuff.

These suppliers generally send on their behalf, but sometimes there are also those who want to send on behalf of your business.

There is indeed a profit based on as a dropshipper such as:No need for poly capital to get startedNo stock (stock means porto too)It can be done from anywhere.

But even so, there are also drawbacks:Profit margins are more miniUnable to monitor stock in third partiesNon-controlled quality

Looking at the profit and loss, being a dropshipper is still a very easy and cheap way to start doing business online.

Dropship products can be found through:This subforum on KaskusCakning.comSearch on Google: use the key term “dropship [product name]”. The word dropship can try to be replaced as a distributor, reseller, or supplierDirect orders based on other sellers

… although you order the product on a third party but with as a dropshipper the customer’s responsibility is in your hands.

Tip: buy some of its products before you start selling, so you yourself understand the quality. Become an ad publisher to receive semi-passive income

Anyone understand why on the internet poly captions are free?

Why are people willing to write good articles, then publish openly on blogs?

Because they earn income according to advertising.

This is the most popular business opportunity among those who love to write & share knowledge.

We create a website > display ad code > embossed ads automatically > visitors click on ads > we earn a commission.

Just copy-paste the ad, then the ad will be there automatically. Every time someone clicks, we earn money.

That’s why this example of effort is so well known.

All you have to do is:Create quality contentLure others to visit your website and read its content

To be successful as an advertising publisher, you must have quality content. Google will not accept low-quality websites.

Read these guidelines to learn how to create a blog.

Also read this guideline to receive income from blogs. Earn a commission from the sale of affiliate products

This business model is known as affiliate marketing.

We promote/recommend products owned by others, then when someone buys on the recommendation then we will receive a commission.

The difference with dropshipping, we only promote… Not selling. The buyer will exclusively relate to the seller, not you.

It’s like this picture.

The same using to be an advertising publisher, you also need a website as a medium to promote affiliate products.

… Commissions per click of advertising are much more mini than product sales commissions.

So using the same number of visitors, you are able to make more poly using the affiliate business model.

Until now there are no Indonesian affiliate products that can be guaranteed to put a fixed income. The product is there, but the quality is lower & the purchasing power of indonesian people is smaller.

Therefore, you must create a website in English.

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