20+ Profitable Online Business Ideas and How to Get Started

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It’s all easy with the internet. In fact, you can also create an online business for online work from home without the obligation to create a physical store. Hmm, interesting, huh? Imagine, you can have more flexible working hours and be a ‘boss’ for yourself.

What’s more, in times of crisis like this, the COVID-19 pandemic is coming around creating a number of people who are obliged to work based on home. Opening a business on the internet becomes one of the solutions worth trying so that you can still receive income.

In this article, we will discuss 20+ of the most profitable online business ideas that can be done from home & started at this time. Happy reading!22 Profitable Online Business Ideas in 20221. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing, or claimed affiliate marketing, is done by showing a partner’s product or service & you will receive a commission if successfully sold. This method as an error of one profitable online business because it can be done based on anywhere.

Many online content creators are looking for money on the internet by doing affiliate business thanks to their relatively large impact. Most of the products or services that influencers promote, especially by word-of-mouth methods, will be a relatively effective marketing strategy.

Here’s how to execute this online business idea:Create a website/ blog using a special topic.Start using creating a website or blog with exclusive topics. As a recommendation, please read our article on the most visited blog topics.Find affiliate events according to your topic.After determining the topic, it’s time to find an affiliate event that is most in sync with your website or blog. To help you out, we’ve prepared a list of the best affiliate events you can afford to try.Start your online business idea with affiliate marketing.To start and succeed using this method, diligently post content. The more often you do it, the more awesome the quality of content obtained.

Some affiliate events that are quite famous today are Hostinger, Amazon, or ShareASale affiliate events. There are a lot of products & services to review & written on your blog. Don’t forget, choose a niche that suits the topic of your website or blog. Make and earn money according to blogs

This online business idea is quite famous to do today. Yes, you can make money based on a blog using applying the right steps.

Some bloggers can even make up to millions of dollars according to the blogs they manage. One thing to remember, you must always be consistent in managing your blog. You should often post content, interact using your audience, and always be up-to-date using things that are trending in sync with your niche/ topic.

Here’s how online businesses use blogs:Create a blog first.Of course, before starting this online business inspiration, you must have a blog. It’s easy to start this step. Please see our article on how to create a blog for more details.Optimize your blog with SEO.Next, you must apply seo methods so that blog traffic rises. Thus, your blog will be known more widely &y to put in an income.Make money according to your blog.After creating a blog & optimizing it, you can also start working online based on home and make money based on the blog.

You can also learn according to some famous bloggers, such as Sue Dunlevie who holds online courses to help her subscribers share their websites. So content creator in Patreon

If you have a skill or skill in global art, try it as an online content creator at Patreon. This funding platform has many members who need financial support from audiences who like their work.

Later you are able to create several subscription options for works with different porto nouns. Since they have ‘paid’, give certain content from the process behind the scenes to online courses.

An example of a successful creator forming his persona on Patreon is Humans of New York and Markus Magnusson. In fact, they also already have a fanbase in Patreon.

To start this online business in Patreon, follow the following methods:Prepare your type of work & Patreon list.Visit Patreon’s sign-up page and sign up for yourself. Or, select your work’s synchronous starter kit. Or, you can also try Patreon’s paid plan to get a business tool, the cost of which is cut based on the profit you get.Complete your Patreon page.After signing up, you will be asked to complete some account news &page, such as profile photo, your location, & payment acceptance method.Preview the page and start showing your work.Next, preview your page to see if you’re ready to showcase your outstanding work. Once everything is ready, you can also start this online business.4. Sell handmade products

The next online business idea is to sell handmade products. Usually, people want to pay more if the product sold is unique and not in other areas. So, you can set a higher selling price according to the homogeneous-average price in the market.

Sites such as Etsy, eBay, and even social media platforms, such as Instagram, can be a marketing tool to promote businesses or small businesses. Nevertheless, it will be more convenient and easy if you have your own online store. You can be more free to manage the brand and do not have to pay additional porto that is generally charged by third parties.

Bario Neal’s website can be used as a wangsit if you want to understand how to perfectly promote and sell products on the internet. This simple online store managed to retain its customers for a long time. For those who are first starting a business from home, you can find inspiration & learn poly things in online courses such as Udemy. Selling used goods on OLX or Facebook

These days, the demand for secondhand goods is relatively high. Plus there are still many people who like to hunt for beautiful and quality products using prices that tend to be cheap. While there is a large selection of ecommerce sites, Facebook’s OLX & marketplace is still at the very top of the list for selling secondhand items.

To start this online business, you can look at the courses provided by Facebook itself on how to start selling on Facebook, or personally sell used items that you have collected. Amazon FBA

If you want a wider scale using the reach to the whole global, you can try the Fullfillment by Amazon platform. Later, you submit stock management, shipping, & customer donations to Amazon.

This program is the best solution for new business people who want to enjoy the ease of operating a business. However, this event is not 100% perdeo. You still have to pay for operation porto &storage. However, when compared to using other aspects of porto (if you take care of everything alone), FBA costs much cheaper and affordable. Start a dropship business

The next online business idea is a dropship business. Different based on online stores on usually that must deal with procurement &management of goods, dropship business only requires your willingness to create an e-commerce site.

Later, you work with the supplier of the goods you will sell. The sale can be replaced by its own brand (of course it has gone through a joint convention). When a customer makes a purchase, you ask the wholesaler to send the ordered goods.

Well, if you want to run a business from a small capital residence, a dropship business can be a good moneysit. In fact, you just need to create a website, have a laptop, and gain access to wholesale supplier directories, such as SaleHoo & AliDropship.

To create a dropship website, we recommend the WordPress platform & WooCommerce plugin. In addition, there are also two things that should be considered:Choose a specific niche.Just like an affiliate blog, you also have to choose a niche specifically to attract the attention of customers. Use the right product niche to sell tens to hundreds of items.Work together using partners who have a beautiful reputation.The product must be delivered in beautiful & perfect terms at the moment. If everything is lacking, your reputation is at stake. So, be careful when determining the supplier.

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