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What is the trend of internet business in 2020? This is one of the questions that has begun to be discussed by online business people in Indonesia today.

Every year there is always an online business trend in Indonesia. In the early days of the boom of online business in Indonesia, many ‘play’ in the field of Content Publishing &Affiliate Marketing. And most determine the outside market because it is believed to be more profitable.

However, lately more and more online business people prefer to target the local market, be it in the field of content publishing, affiliate business, selling using dropship, reseller, or selling their own products. And the increasing number of internet business enthusiasts are also forming a new online business trend, namely the emergence of various online business learning courses & internet marketer community in Indonesia.

Seeing the movement of internet business direction in Indonesia today, there are several opportunities that are as online business trends in 2020. Here’s a quick review. Internet Business Trends That Will Boom in 2020

What will be as an internet business trend 2020 has been seen starting according to this year. The habits of internet users in Indonesia and online services that are increasingly needed by the people will form trends in the coming years.

The following are some internet business models that are predicted to boom in the future: 1. Online Business Courses

Most people now care deeply about their skills because they can be a career support in the future. Not only formal education, non-formal courses are also very important.

Uniquely, now poly people are more decisive for online courses. The fields of science studied in online courses are also very diverse, ranging from internet marketing science, graphic design, learning Photoshop, Microsoft Office, and so on.

SekolahPintar.com is an online course site that has started this business since a few years ago. This online course can be followed by everyone for free, but there are some materials that require members to pay in order to be able to learn it.

Want to make money from your skills, let’s sell your skills through The Smart School. 2. Graphic Design Services Business

Next, the graphic design business is one of the online business opportunities that will be more booming later. This opportunity exists because of the high number of users of public media such as Instagram & Facebook who post visual content for online marketing purposes.

As we know, there is now a poly request to create interesting visual content, be it images or videos. This demand generally comes from online business people and companies that need graphic design using affordable porto.

Predicted, in 2020 more freelancers will join freelancer marketplace sites such as Projects.co.id, Sribulancer.com, and others.

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The demand for article writing services business is always increasing every year. Not without reason, the growth of portal websites and also various professional blogs creates the potential of the article writing service business is increasingly attractive and promising in 2020.

Writing articles does seem easy, and this business opportunity is often underestimated by some people. In fact, many websites &blogs that need the services of quality article writers to support the existence of their websites.

Plus if you have a basic knowledge of SEO and know how to use persuasive language, then this is a plus. The reason, the average website and blog owner today prioritizes writers who understand basic SEO and are able to hypnotize readers so that published content will be more optimal in search engines and general media. 4. Online Marketing Services Business (Internet Marketing)

This business model has actually been quite rife, but it is predicted that internet marketing services business will be the error of one online business trend in the coming years. Some of the most widely used types of online marketing today are Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Blogging, and SEO.

If you have the ability to error one or more types of online marketing earlier, then this can be a business opportunity for you. Of course, before showing to clients, you must collect a portfolio of online marketing campaigns that you have done. This will be a plus for the business you build.

Online marketing will continue to change, but the type of online marketing through Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, and SEO, is predicted to still have the largest portion of interest from online business people.

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Being a YouTuber is not infrequently considered not a promising profession, some of my friends revealed so. In fact, there are Indonesian Poly YouTubers who make up money according to YouTube and become popular people.

Call it Tara Arts, Erdwin Susanto Wijaya, Eka Gustiawan, Bayu Skak, and others. If you look at their channel on YouTube with the number of subscribers, then we can understand that the earning potential of these YouTubers is very promising.

So, from my prediction to become a YouTuber is one of the internet business trends that will be more and more perpetrators. If you are worried about the potential of business according to YouTube, you can read articles that discuss how to receive money from YouTube, this is an illustration to see its potential. 6. Become an Influencer or Buzzer on Social Media

Actually, the profession of being an influencer or buzzer on social media is not new anymore. We can easily find buzzers in public media, such as artists who promote a product on their Instagram.

Well, in 2020 it is predicted to be more poly buzzer in a lot of social media. One of the most common media used by buzzers is Instagram.

Actually on social media such as Twitter & Facebook is still quite poly we find buzzers. But generally online business people who sell on the internet consider Instagram more effective for marketing with the help of buzzers.

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You will often find new portal websites on the internet, or blogs that discuss a particular topic. They are digital media startups that discuss special topics in sync with the interests and expertise of their developers.

In 2017, there are many new digital media that have emerged. According to gw’s prediction, in 2020 there will be more and more digital media startups trying to penetrate the Indonesian market.

The content presented is not mandatory heavy and does not have to do in-depth research. Often this digital media contains content about information or information that is packaged in interesting ways, for example in the form of creative articles, images, and videos.

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Internet users in Indonesia are getting bigger every year, and this is a very ‘savory’ market for online business people, especially those who have an online shop business. It was also supported by the increasing trust of the Indonesian people to online sellers because of the increasing number of trusted online shops in Indonesia.

Not only the big players who enjoy this online market, mini players also get a promising portion according to the online market. Some small players who have only relied on marketplaces such as Bukalapak and Tokopedia, in 2020 they will create their own online store.

New players will also be more poly popping up and creating online shop competition is increasingly saturated. But, with such a large market, online shop players will not lose potential buyers.

It’s just that online shop players must be more creative in communicating with prospective buyers in order for transactions to occur. The reason, because Indonesian consumers are famous for poly PHP (fake asa), chat long but not so buy. 9. Business Website Creation Services / Blog

For some people, creating a website / blog is not something complicated. However, more poly people who do not understand how to create a website, or they do not want to bother and dizzy to create a website / blog for their business.

Although this business actor is quite plural in Indonesia, it turns out that the business potential of website creation services / blogs in Indonesia is still quite promising. Even some website creation service providers also offer internet marketing services to their clients.

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